12 March 2010

Facebook Chat in Kopete

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How to setup facebook chat in KDE Kopete Messenge.

Since facebook has incorporate xmpp (widely known as Jabber) protocol into their chat, everybody are able to talk to their facebook friends without logging into their site profile. You can find information about it here.

Setting up any messenger supporting xmpp protocol should be a fairly easy task. Most of the web resources I found are showing the configuration on Pidgin example. As I'm not a big fun of GTK based programs I want to show what to do to make it work in nice looking QT4 based Kopete, which is a standard messenger for my favorite linux KDE desktop environment.

First you need to know your facebook username, if you have facebook account for a while you may not have it, if so make sure you will visit this link and create one.

After creating your user name fire up your Kopete and choose Settings -> Configuration and Add New Account, choose Jabber from the list of available protocols. Take a look at the image below.

Kopete Protocols

If you can not find the jabber on the list of protocols then probably you compile Kopete from the sources without the jabber support. If you did compile it from sources I'm sure you know what to do to enable it.

On the next screen provide facebook username as jabber identifier like this: username@chat.facebook.com. Take a look at picture below.

Kopete Settings 1

On the Connection tab make sure you did not mark Using SSL protocol, instead mark the 2nd option to let messenger sending password unencrypted (other way you want be able to connect). Take a look at the picture below.

Kopete Settings 2

If you compiled Kopete with Google Talk and Jingle support (which maybe the default for binary based distribution) go to Google Talk tab and disable libjingle support. Without it you want be able to accept your configuration. Take a look at the picture below.

Kopete Settings 3

Now accept the configuration, and you should be able to connect and talk with your friends. They maybe a little surprised because every time they will log into their facebook profile you may be on-line. Now you can chat with the peple you like all day long. Below the prove it is actually working.

Kopete Facebook Chat


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