Andrzej Kardaś Gentoo Linux private unofficial overlay

Here you can find my personal overlay information. My overlay provides ebuilds that are not available in main portage tree or any publicly available overlay, but which are very useful to me.

Originally this overlay was created to prevent coping same ebuilds between computers I use. I decided to make it publicly available to share my work with others.

Most of the ebuilds available here are taken from, some of them are written, rewritten or updated by me. All credits should go to original ebuild author. More info about any of the ebuilds you will find by following the links provided below.

All ebuilds published here were tested by me, and I didn't experienced any problems with them. I must worn you I can not guarantee that they will work the same for you. Remember if you are using my overlay, you are doing these on your own risk. You have been warned.

Installation Instructions

My overlay can be used in Gentoo Linux and Gentoo Linux based distributions (like Sabayon Linux). The best way to use my overlay is to add it using layman overlay script. First you should install layman with subversion support in you system by simply running following command:

USE="subversion" emerge -av layman

next edit layman configuration file in you favorite text editor, for example:

nano /etc/layman/layman.cfg

and add the belows URL in the overlays section of this file. Don't forget to save changes.

Thats it. You are ready to go just run:

layman -a kardasa

to add my overlay to your system. Now you should be able to emerge any packet that is available there. If you are done with my overlay and want to stop using it just run:

layman -d kardasa

Overlay Content

Below you will find list of ebuilds divided on categories that are available in my overlay. Categories names are following the naming convention of main portage tree.

app-emulation - emulation software:

crossover-games-bin-10.2.0 Simplified/streamlined version of wine with commercial support

Published: 01.11.2011

wine-1.3.18-r1 patched version of free implementation of Windows(tm) api on Unix

Published: 30.04.2011

app-misc - miscellaneous software:

congruity-0.15 Linux GUI client for programming the Logitech Harmony universal remote

Published: 10.05.2011

concordance-0.23 Linux client for programming the Logitech Harmony universal remote

Published: 10.05.2011

lirc-0.8.6-r3 Software for decoding and sending infra-red signals of many commonly used remote controls.

Published: 24.02.2010

dev-libs - Development libraries:

libconcord-0.23 Library for programming the Logitech Harmony universal remote

Published: 10.05.2011

dev-perl - Perl development libraries:

MP4-Info-1.12 Perl module for fetching info from MPEG-4 files (.mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .3gp).

Published: 26.01.2010

Audio-WMA-1.3 Perl modules for reading and writing Microsoft(tm) WMA/ASF files.

Published: 26.01.2010

Audio-Musepack-0.7 Perl object-oriented interface to Musepack file information and APE tag fields.

Published: 26.01.2010

dev-python - Python development libraries:

4suite-1.0.2-r1 Python tools for XML processing and object-databases.

Published: 31.08.2010

games-rpg - role playing games:

pylotro-0.1.15 Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online Luncher.

Published: 03.06.2011

gnome-extra - extra packages for Gnome eviroment:

mintmenu-5.2.2 MintMenu supports filtering, favorites, easy-uninstallation, autosession, and many other features.

Published: 18.08.2011

media-gfx - multimedia graphics software:

iscan-2.24.0 EPSON Image Scan! for Linux (including sane-epkowa backend).

Published: 16.05.2010

iscan-plugin-gt-x750-2.1.0 Epson Perfection 4490 PHOTO scanner plugin for SANE 'epkowa' backend.

Published: 29.12.2009

media-sound - multimedia sound software:

ventriloctrl-0.5-r1 patched version of Ventrilo on Wine PTT button controller

Published: 28.04.2010

perl-audio-converter-4.0.5 Tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another.

Published: 26.01.2010

skype-call-recorder-0.8 Tool for recording Skype calls to MP3/Ogg/WAV files.

Published: 26.12.2009

x11-plugins - plugins for X graphical enviroment:

pidgin-gfire-0.9.4-r1 Open source plugin for the Pidgin IM client which allows you to connect the Xfire network.

Published: 30.04.2011

pidgin-gfire-9999 Live version of Open source plugin for the Pidgin IM client which allows you to connect the Xfire network.

Published: 03.04.2010

x11-themes - themes for X graphical enviroment:

mint-x-theme-1.0.5 Mint-X GTK themes

Published: 19.08.2011

mint-x-icons-1.0.7 Mint-X Icon themes

Published: 19.08.2011

Last modification date: 19 August 2011