3D Desktop

In Linux you always have choice. If you would like to use 3D desktop effects you may use Compiz Fusion or use effects build in KDE destkop enviroment. I'm using both. On my main computer I'm using Compiz Fusion while on my old notebook those provided by KDE.

I personally find more future rich and less resource consuming the ones based on Compiz Fusion. Unfortunately they also require better graphics card drivers. As my notebook has old Radeon 9600 graphics card I had some minor problems with using Compiz Fusion but no problems with KDE based 3D effects. That's why I decided to keep those one on my notebook. Thanks to that I can present both on my screen shots.

First gallery comes from my main computer and shows Compiz Fusion 3D based effects. Second comes from my notebook and shows KDE 4.x build in desktop effects. I hope you will enjoy it.


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