Hardware Support

One of most common myths about Linux is that it lacks proper support from hardware vendors. This myth comes from the fact that you most likely want find many hardware components shipped directly with drivers for Linux platforms. Believe me for most of those hardware components Linux drivers do exist. Some of them are created by software vendors on the same rules as Linux, others are created by community of talented programmers and are freely available for every one. Thanks to this type of development this drivers are becoming better with every new release. In fact some of them are much better that the closed one versions available for other software platforms like Mac or Windows. If the drivers are opened and freely available they are just becoming a part of Linux kernel, so there is no need to give a separate driver CD with them.

There are some hardware vendors that still are afraid to open their development process to community and they are releasing their drivers for Linux same way as Windows or Mac drivers. As an example you can look at 3D graphics card vendors like NVidia corporation. Those drivers can not become part of Linux system. Users can decide if their wishes to use them or maybe they freely available community versions, which may or may not give full support to hardware capability.

I would lie if I would tell that all possible hardware components are working flawlessly in Linux, but most of them do. To prevent any inconvenience I'm always making sure that the given hardware component has proper Linux support before I will spend any money on buying it. Checking these doesn't take more then few minutes and most likely require me to visit one of many Linux hardware support pages or forums. On belows screenshots I want to prove that Linux can help you take full control over your hardware. I hope you will enjoy watching them.


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