Tools For Photo Editing

Many people do think that the only way to edit photos is to have Adobe Photoshop application installed. It's not true most of the task available in Adobe Photoshop you can achieve using free and open source tools available in Linux. In Linux you will find plenty photo management and editing tools. I'm not a professional photographer but I can tell that this tools are perfect for my needs.

Many times I saw Adobe Photshop used by people to resize, rotate, cut or remove red eye effect from photos. The question is do you really need such advanced tool to realize such basic tasks if you do thats all right just make sure you are legal and you pay for this software. If you however think this software is way to expensive as I do, you don't have to still it you may use free and open source programs like Gimp instead. They may have some disadvantages comparing to Adobe Photoshop but they are free and you can have them installed legally.

On belows screenshots you will find some of available in Linux photo management and editing software I use on my computes. I hope you will enjoy watching them.


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