Software for Multimedia Playback

Playing multimedia content is one of most important tasks for modern operating system. If you were using Windows operating system you may be accustomed to a situation in which, after installation of the system playback and media management is quite difficult. You most likely will have problems with playing some of available content because multimedia formats and codec support build in the system is very limited. You will be able to play most of the files only if you will find and install additional programs like codec packs and media players that will give support to formats that are not build into the system. You are on your own with finding those tools and applications and no one will ensure you that the programs you will find and install will be safe and stable.

You will not have such problems in Linux. Most of the Linux distributions will offer you full support for almost every multimedia codec and format. Even if you will find out that some of the multimedia files are not being played or interpreted correctly after system installation, you should be able to easily find additional codecs and players in your distribution software manager. You don't have to look for multimedia codecs in Internet, manually install and configure them the software manager will do it for you. This way you may be sure that installing software for multimedia playback will not break your system.

Linux has some unique and advanced software for playing audio and video content. I especially love the media center applications. On belows screenshots you will be able to see some of those applications I use on my computers. I hope you will enjoy watching them.


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