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Under Construction

Many times I heard that Linux is not games ready system. This is not true, Linux supports same 3D graphics API as Playstation 3 based on famous OpenGL standard. Porting games to Linux is possible but not many games companies are interested in doing so.

I'm a gamer and I play on my Linux computers. Even if number of games available for Linux is less than that for windows I can tell by my own experience you can still have a lot of fun. I play free and open source games, commercially available games for Linux platform and I also play games that were developed for Windows platform. The games I play are running flawlessly on my Linux computer. To play Windows game titles I use free and open source Windows API implementation called Wine. I would lie if I would say that every windows game title will work flawlessly using Wine specially without the additional configuration but number of supported games is growing with every new release. Using Wine certainly requires some basic experience. If you don't want to play with Wine configuration you may use commercially available product called Crossover Games, witch has easy to use interface to help user install and configure Windows games on Linux.

On belows screenshots you will see all games titles I play on my Linux box, including free and open source titles, commercial games natively available for Linux and games I play thanks to Wine. This screenshots are proving that Linux is a game ready system. I hope you will enjoy watching them.

Unfortunately recently after serving me very well for almost 3 years my shiny Nvidia GPU graphics card has broke down. Due to the fact that I'm currently using much older GPU I'm not able to present here all that I would like to. When I will buy a new fast GPU for my Linux I will add new screenshots to this gallery. For now I'm presenting older games and some screenshots I made before failure.


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