Personal Information

Name: Gosia
Age: 31
Occupation: Accountant
Using Linux since: 2007

Linux Machines

Computer:Intel Celeron 500 (one core) 256MB RAM, Nvidia Riva TNT 2,  Sound Blaster Pro (very old computer) 
Notebook:Asus M6N (very old piece of hardware) 1GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9600


On my very old computer I have installed Linux Mint with LXDE desktop environment. My boyfriends notebook, which I use (I have a separate user account there) runs Gentoo Linux with KDE but this is his toy.

Why Linux?

My adventure with Linux started three years ago, when one fine day I heard that from this moment there will be no other operating systems in our house. Well because I do not know much about the operating systems and my knowledge of computers is very limited, I had to accept this fact.

At the beginning it seemed to me that I will not be able to use new system. I was too much accustomed to Windows. It turned out that Linux is not as hard as many people described it. Switching from MS Office to OpenOffice took me no more than 30 minutes. The more I started to learn Linux the more I began to like it. To my surprise it turned out that applications such as graphs drawing programs, which can be installed on Windows only on additional charge are standard in Linux and they are available completely free of charge.

Applications which I use in Linux are web browsers, media player Amarok, and above all, OpenOffice Writer and Calc (equivalents of MS Word and Excel). In my opinion they are comparable in functions to MS Office but I think they are more stable (I know something about this as I wrote my diploma thesis using them).

What I like about Linux is the fact that this system do not overloads the computer. Even my 10-year-old computer which with Windows was suitable only for trash, with Linux is a fully usable machine.

The second important advantage of Linux for me is the fact that this system is available completely free of charge. Thanks to it I have a fully functional and legal software.

Disadvantages of Linux. I did not notice any. I have my private personal administrator to solve all the problems for me.


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