Tools for Multimedia Editing

In past Linux operating system wasn't a real competitor to Windows or MacOsX system in the field of sound and video editing. Simply because there wasn't good software that would help Linux users accomplish such tasks. In recent years Linux has emerged in many advanced multimedia frameworks like GStreamer or Phonon. This fact greatly improved Linux support for playing and editing multimedia content. Using provided by Linux multimedia frameworks developers can create multimedia editing software much easier that it was before. This end up in many great projects which made Linux met the competition. Now you can find many freely available applications for both audio and video editing that are real competitors even for commercial software available for other operating systems. You can use most of available in Linux software legaly to create both personal and professional projects. In the field of freely available multimedia editing software Linux has become a leader. It's hard to find free software for non linear video editing available for Windows or MacOsX platforms that would match the features of Kdenlive or Cinerella applications. Same with great audio editing tool Ardour or 3D animation and publishing software Blender.

In your Linux distribution software manager you will find free and easy to use tools for linear and non linear video editing, 3D animations software, digital audio workstations software, sound and video format converters, video and audio streaming servers. If you will decide that this tools are not as good as it's Windows or Mac competitors you have all rights to do so, just make sure you will pay for application of your choice before you will install and use it.

If you are looking for fully professional video editing or 3D animation software with commercial support you will find such applications for Linux platform, just visit the site of Ifxsoftware company who created many video editing products that use Linux as native system. Another example of commercial tools are Autodesk Maya or Houdini 3D animation tools and Massive crowd animation software all with native Linux versions.

On belows screenshots you will find video and audio editing software I installed on my Linux computers. I hope you will enjoy watching them.


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